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Herbert Lui is exploring the intersection between art and entrepreneurship. He offers marketing services: http://wondershuttle.com/

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Startups Taking Ecommerce from Storefront to One-Click Selling

With the rise of ecommerce, anyone has been able to profit by selling their goods and services online. From selling their possessions on eBay, to selling handmade goods on Etsy, to creating a shop on Shopify, if you have an item to sell, there’s an online platform to accommodate it. Often these platforms involve several steps though, either setting up a storefront, or managing bids.

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BetaKit » How Foodies are Using Online Tools to Find Gourmet and ...

The local food movement has gained popularity, with people trying to eat healthier while supporting local farmers and skilled artisans at the same time. For people who want access to artisanal foods, whether created in their region or from artisans around the world, there are offline solutions like farmers’ markets and specialty shops, or larger chains like Whole Foods.

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BetaKit » How Startups Are Helping People Learn Music Online

Startups have been changing the way people listen to and create music for years. From discovery services like Last.fm and Pandora, to the ones that caught the ire of the recording industry like Napster, digital music startups have drastically changed the way we listen to music. But despite all the advances, musicians still often carry around three-inch binders of tabs and chords to their rehearsals, and go to weekly lessons at their music teacher’s homes.

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How Startups Are Replacing the Role of Traditional Book Publishers

For authors looking to get their book published, mailing out manuscripts to every publishing house in town is a thing of the past. Increasingly content creators can bypass the traditional publishing process and choose to write a book that can reach readers the second they hit publish.